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Entry #26


2/6/14 by akoRn
Updated 2/12/14

Hey there and good day.


I've realised that i'm now very interested into writing songs. But I'm not really good at creating other tracks especially drum tracks using MIDI. Right now it's just me and my twin brother, Blakant on bass.


So we are thinking if anyone interested to be a part of online virtual band. We'll be collorating in creating music. I've been usign this software on Steam called "Ohm Studio" which allow us to look at a project file, and other band member can just access at at take a look what I've done. Then lay down their parts when they are ready to do so.

Our current preffered genre is ESSENTIAL heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate), NWOBHM (Iron Maiden, Diamond Head), Thrash Metal (punkish metal sounds of Metallica and Megadeth) Punk (Sex Pistol, Misfits, Ramones),and of course some Rock Ballad as well such as Scorpions and tons of other bands.


We are LOOKING for vocalist (preferbly no inappropriate growing or screaming BUT banshee-like shrieking would be cool tho cause we wanted to create old original metal sounds which is rare now) , rhythm or lead guitarist and also drummer (u can just make them in MIDI if thats what you're good at).


Feel free to check out some of our tracks which most of them are not yet complete due lacks of the mentioned roles above:


So hope someone will reply or PM me. Cheers

-Haizeel Hashnan




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