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2012-06-12 23:17:46 by akoRn

Hey there guys,

Just want to give some of my updates, even tho not sure anyone reading this. lol. Anyway, I just finished my internship! Hurrah!! Well not really, cause now I'm back at my university (Multimedia University, Malaysia; I'm studying Film Animation btw) and already starts my Final Year Project. It's a project everyone must do before graduating. And so for us Film Animation students, we need to come up with 3-4minutes animation. Me and 3 others of my friends will work in a group, cause it'll help us to come up with better ideas, less workload. lol.

Can't tell much about the whole story, cause it's still very rough and under development. But it's involve monster. SO yay! xD We'll be needing some voice actors also, so right after we got the finalize story, we'll open an online audition. Basically we give a few lines and you can send us your takes. :D

On other note, I've recently finished another 2 Flash games projects, which now up for bidding.. One called "Snakeman", which is a game that use platformer and also the classic snake game. The 2nd game is called "Key to Door", you r a ninja, you need to get to the key, and to open a door. Of course there will be lots of obstacle. So if any sponsors reading this, feel free to pm me, and I'll give you the links. :P

Well, thats all for now. Heres an image. The two on the left is the game I talked about. And the title on the right is the rough logo for my FYP story. :P

Cheers. Wish me luck! :D


New Game Under Development

2011-03-30 11:18:58 by akoRn

Salam and Hey there!

After successfully worked with keybol on our previous game [I Need Air] which now almost come finish with the bidding process. I've decided to develop my own flash game, along with a new programmer I just met here in NG, Jamifa !

I won't tell much about the game. Except that it's a defense + shooting game.. And was originally inspired from ol time classic, Bust-a-Move !!

We'll be releasing our first demo at FGL to receive feedbacks and comment from more experienced developers, and hope to improve more from there.
Well, that's all for now.

Here is a background I've made for the game.. Look out! =D

Have a good day!! =]

-Haizeel Hashnan [akoRn]

New Game Under Development


2010-12-03 00:03:09 by akoRn

Submitted a new flash yesterday (or today if u're in US)!! Featured 9 "soon-to-be-pro" animators from my class.. insyaAllah.. haha.
The flash video sized 18.8MB. so it'll take a while to load, if u got crappy internet connection like me. xD

But pls do vote for us, ok?

Rotoscope Compilation!

THANKS in advance.

I just learnt something NEW!

2010-09-20 07:24:56 by akoRn

Assalamualaikum and Hey there!

I recently submitted a new flash animation, Entertainment! With God's will, I manage to get a 5th daily award. And I'm thankful for that.. I also got a quite few numbers of reviews too.

So the animation is basically talk bout how multimedia 'brainwash' us. And I'm laughing out loud when some of the reviewer took the matter too seriously. Keep blaming me, as if I'm asking them to stop gaming. Here's the thing I would like to clear up, I'm a gamer myself. I play pc and got my own xbox 360 game. The animation was made for an assignment, whether I like it or not, I still need to get it done.

So please, to those trying to be sensitive, you should look into other issue too.. Like how the flash animator now keep use 'sex' theme to win your vote. That's to me, a discrimination towards the woman.. Don't you agree? Anyway, I'm just a simple guy..

Here is a smiley I made especially to those who wrote a looooooooooooong review for my flash submission, and gave me a 0. Thank you. Start smiling, okay?

-Haizeel Hashnan (akoRn)

P.S: look how cute he is!! haha :]

I just learnt something NEW!

THE UNIVERSITY E1P1: Released!!!

2010-02-03 10:24:39 by akoRn

Assalamualaikum and Hey there,

Been working on an flash animation since December 2009, but been busy, so I finally finished it just now. The project is created by me and my brother Blakant.

For more info about the movie, PLEASE, just click THIS (The University E1P1). We're hoping for your reasonable vote and support!!

Thank you!!!
-Haizeel a.k.a akoRn

THE UNIVERSITY E1P1: Released!!!


2009-10-12 18:57:49 by akoRn

Assalamualaikum n Hey there..

Just made a new experimental video. Giving a life to a character in reality space. Go check it out, here the link!

APA TU?! (what is that?!)

Made this during the last week exam week. SO yeah, awesome yeah? Love to work under pressure. Hahaha. Do leave comment and of course, pls vote.. :)

-Haizeel bin Hashnan

NOTE: Below is juz another random illustration I made. :P


Studying At University ; Open for FREELANCE!

2009-08-04 23:21:30 by akoRn

Salam & Hey there,

Wow, just started a life in University since last month. And thankfully been getting lot of praise from the lecturers! Been missing my girl back home though. HAHA!

Anyway, with all of the spare time at night, I'm now open myself for some FREELANCING!

Check these link to my works:
Designs Related
Flash Works

-Flash (presentation, web, banner, etc)
-Logotype Designs (corporate, versatile, etc)
-T-Shirts Designs
-Various Other Designs

Contact me, ya? I'm from Asia, my market price is lower compared to others. ;D
Wish me luck!

CURRENT PROJECT: Defend Your Cheese (game project)

Here is a potrait of my girl I made. Juz to show off how beauty she is. LOL
-Haizeel bin Hashnan

Studying At University ; Open for FREELANCE!

Furthering Study!

2009-06-04 23:17:49 by akoRn

Assalamualaikum & Hey there.

Just informing to all the friends out there, and here on Newgrounds that I'll be leaving to continue my study at one of the university here at Malaysia called, Malaysia Multimedia University in Basic Creative Multimedia course for 1 years. And will be taking degree for another 2years, InsyaAllah (With Allah's Will)

Anyway, all the project are now HALTED. Except for one of the game project that me & Hush Animation crew are now working, along with the leadership of Chris Santos as the project leader & programmer. The game is like a castle-defend concept, but added with our UNIQUE creativity as always. hehe

Here's a recent illustration I made for ya'll viewing! (Check out more of my art at my devArt) Lastly, wish me luck!

-Haizeel bin Hashnan
HUSH Animation

Furthering Study!

Away For National Service!

2009-05-09 03:16:36 by akoRn

Assalamualaikum & Hey there!

SOME of you might noticed I have not been online since last month. Actually, I've been away for a national service (it's a camp where my government made to train the student just in case of national emergency). The camp will end at 8th June 2009.

Till then, all of my project will be pause (currently FS Ep.5). Man it's awfully boring there. Haha!

-Haizeel bin Hashnan

PROGRESS: Frivolous Scrolls Ep.5

2009-03-04 00:59:03 by akoRn

Salam & Hey there!

I'm now start to work on the 5th episode of my own Flash series, Frivolous Scrolls I: Ep.5! The script for this episode was prepared by me & my twin brother, Haireey (blakant). The the strong are now packed with more laugh-able humor now (I hope).

Anyway, right now, I'm only starting to drawing/placing the characters, background & props into the scenes. Did not plan to start the recording session yet, becuase I'm thinking to finish the placing the stuff at least HALF-way based on the prepared storyboard. Oh yeah, storyboard. I've prepared the storyboard especially for the voice cast to help em' understand the situation & all. So I hope that'll help with their work, cuz they're awesome! And trying my best to help em' more.

Uhmm.. right! I'm opening a few roles/job (not paying, lol) to help me in this project. So please PM me if you're interested!

OPEN ROLES - Additional Animator (To animate the extra movieclip; art are prepared by me)
- Music Artist (Needed few classical music for the background)

Again, contact me for info!
Wish me luck! :D

-Haizeel Hashnan (akoRn)
HUSH Animation

PROGRESS: Frivolous Scrolls Ep.5